Group Nutrition Classes

Meet in small groups of people with the same issues and goals as you!

  • Weight Loss
  • Meal Planning
  • Diabetes Education
  • Disease / Illness Management

Pantry Makeover

  • Stock Right - Eat Right!
  • In-Home or In-Office
  • Please contact us to schedule your healthy pantry makeover.

Corporate Wellness

Worksite Wellness

Open to any Jamestown / Chautauqua County business.  Plan for healtheir, happier and more motivated employees. Please contact us to schedule your corporate nutrition classes.

Grocery Store Tour

Strategize Your Shopping

Take a group or personal tour of a Jamestown area grocery store.  Learn techniques to get the right food into your cart and into your diet!

Simply Nutrition
Nutrition Working For You

Simply Nutrition is dedicated to providing personal nutrition counseling for all states of health and disease. Private nutrition counseling services are provided in a confidential manner and setting to help you reach optimum health and manage nutrition related health issues.

Simply Nutrition LLC is pleased to offer a unique service of nutrition counseling in the Chautauqua County area.

Personally tailored nutrition counseling can be obtained by simply calling our office or by a referral from your health care professional.

Counseling sessions can be scheduled to take place in our private office or we can visit your home if travel restrictions apply or transportation is not available.

Nutrition visits are covered or you can be reimbursed by most major insurances including Medicare.

Contact Us To Schedule An Appointment